Evolve IP Taps Equinox for Fraud Management

Evolve IP has licensed the Protector fraud management solution (FMS) from Equinox Information Systems to further fortify the communications services offered as part of its cloud-based business solutions.

“In this industry, fraud management is a must,” said Peter Eisengrein, senior vice president of network operations and design at Evolve IP. “An important aspect to the solutions we offer is the peace of mind we provide our customers. We selected Protector based on its proven ability to quickly and cost-effectively alert us to all types of fraud across our growing network.”

Protector provides real-time fraud protection by separating legitimate customer usage from fraudulent events. Protector notifies analysts when suspicious activity occurs, with higher risk incidents triggering more frequent alerts, including escalation alerts when warranted. Because Protector employs dynamic usage profiling and proprietary monitoring metrics to identify suspicious activity, it detects all types of fraud—even the newest schemes—across all customer bases and call types.

“Our experience working with over 350 telecom companies over the past three decades means we’ve seen it all when it comes to fraud and the way it’s perpetrated,” said David West, Equinox executive vice president. “Protector’s market-proven ability to detect and mitigate fraud exposure is an important asset to Evolve IP, both now and as they continue to grow.”