EvolveODM Completes Second M&A Deal in 3 Months

IT and managed networks provider EvolveODM has incorporated mobile telecoms provider 4G Voice and Data under the EvolveODM brand. The news marks the EvolveODM’s second strategic acquisition in three months since it bought GB3 from EG Group in November 2022.

The deal includes the retention of all 4G voice and Data employees and is the latest stamp in EvolveODM’s footprint across the North of England that spans Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

EvolveODM was founded in 2005 and specializes in providing end-to-end managed network solutions, including global SD-WAN. It serves customers in 11 countries, including retail, hospitality, leisure, fuel and food-to-go firms, as well as EG Group-supported brands and franchises like KFC, Starbucks, ESSO, BP and Leon.

4G Voice and Data was founded in 2012, has a team with more than 25 years of experience in business connectivity services including bespoke telecoms, mobile and payments, and works with all U.K. major mobile networks.

EvolveODM’s growth plans include increasing its network management footprint from 7,500 locations to 15,000 within the next three years, with a focus on creating local jobs.

For more information regarding EvolveODM, please visit: https://www.evolveodm.co.uk/