AppDirect Acquires TBI

AppDirect, a B2B subscription commerce platform, announced it has acquired TBI, a leading technology service aggregator in North America. This combination increases AppDirect’s existing contingent of technology advisors and confirms its position as the top destination for advisors to grow and diversify their revenue streams.

Founded and led by Geoffrey Shepstone for more than 30 years, TBI has provided a world-class partner experience for technology advisors. The company has built its business and its reputation by taking an approach to relationships with the advisors and providers it serves.

Combining AppDirect and TBI is expected to enable advisors to accelerate growth through an extensive multi-category catalog, the ability to offer more value-added services and exceptional customer service. The acquisition will provide advisors with industry-leading digital tools to help their businesses to find, buy, and manage technology.

For AppDirect advisors, TBI’s engineering and educational resources will provide them with an enhanced level of support and enablement. TBI advisors will be able to find, buy and manage technology solutions more easily and expand their portfolios.