FCC Names Next Chief Technologist

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has appointed Henning Schulzrinne as senior advisor for technology, based in the agency’s Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

Schulzrinne will take over as FCC chief technologist at the end of the year, when the current chief technologist, Scott Jordan, leaves the agency. He previously served as FCC chief technologist from 2011 to 2014, and has continued to serve the FCC as a part-time advisor.

“Henning’s return to the agency ensures the Commission will continue to have outstanding technology expertise on hand as we tackle the policy problems of today’s complex communications networks,” said Wheeler. “Henning’s experience and vision have been invaluable to our work.  With complex technical challenges such as broadband privacy and confronting robocalls and spoofing, I am grateful both that Henning has agreed to return and that he and Scott will overlap for a time.”

Schulzrinne is Levy professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University. He received his undergraduate degree in economics and electrical engineering from the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, his MSEE degree as a Fulbright scholar from the University of Cincinnati and his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He helped develop key protocols that enable VoIP and other multimedia applications, including SIP.

Jordan agreed to extend his stay in order to finish up key initiatives.

“Scott’s work at the FCC continues to be instrumental to the development of a number of key rulemakings, including the set-top box and broadband privacy proceedings,” said Wheeler.  “I am grateful that he has agreed to extend his tenure as Chief Technologist in order to continue his work on those proceedings.”

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