Federal Data Systems Now Offering Curtail Products to Government Customers

Curtail has signed a reseller agreement with Federal Data Systems (FedData), a provider of IT services to the U.S. intelligence community.

FedData will resell Curtail’s products, ReGrade and ReCover, to federal government customers, giving them the ability to find bugs and other software flaws that could otherwise cause outages.

From loss of technology to loss of data, system downtime is expensive and threatening in every way. The U.S. intelligence community creates, holds and protects highly sensitive data, which must be protected from anomalies. Additionally, uptime is critical to the performance of these agencies’ mandates; an outage, Curtail says, could literally put the nation at risk.

However, software and service updates are often pushed live without knowing how the software will perform against production traffic. By  running live user traffic against both their current software and their proposed upgraded software, organizations can spot differences and prevent going live with bugs that can bring down the service.

Using ReGrade, government organizations will have a way to find flaws early and avoid going live with bugs, especially zero-day vulnerabilities, by predicting and preventing rollbacks. It costs more to fix a software bug after release than during the design process.

ReCover proactively detects anomalies—including zero-day attacks— and automatically diverts traffic to clean, resilient systems to quickly, safely and reliably maintain business operations at all times.