Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Two Customer Wins

Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), one of Canada’s leading lottery organizations, recently selected the HPE GreenLake IT as-a-service solution to drive its digital modernization efforts, create standardization, reduce costs, and improve performance to front line staff applications.

WCLC was working with dated IT infrastructure and a lean team. The organization chose HPE GreenLake to modernize its corporate IT needs including running day-to-day operations, and managing HR resources, finance teams, and customer information. With HPE GreenLake, WCLC was also able to simplify procurement processes, reducing the time, complexity and resourcing involved.

HPE GreenLake allows WCLC to choose the correct platform for the right workload, without having to make one technology work for everything and sink capital dollars into an overprovisioned environment. HPE provided WCLC with HPE Synergy, HPE Simplivity and 3PAR to help the company’s modernization efforts – allowing WCLC to support all its corporate workloads on the ideal platform of its choice: virtualization on Simplivity, and other critical applications like Oracle or SQL on HPE Synergy and 3PAR. With HPE GreenLake, WCLC was able to choose the technology that worked for every business need – and to pay as they go and only for what they use.

HPE GreenLake was selected as the ideal choice for WCLC’s needs, as it allowed the team to optimize performance, monitor and control costs, while being flexible and scalable when the business needed it and deliver a true cloud experience to WCLC employees everywhere. WCLC was able to save capital, get all of the technology it needed with flexibility to scale, and also receive white-glove services from HPE Pointnext Technology Services.

HPE partnered with Powerland, one of Canada’s leading and fastest growing IT infrastructure providers, to help WCLC drive its digital transformation and modernization efforts, improve overall performance, and save costs.

Mastertel Selects HPE GreenLake to Improve IT Infrastructure Performance and Optimize Costs

Mastertel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia, has also selected HPE GreenLake. HPE will help to modernize Mastertel’s IT infrastructure, optimize financial flows, and achieve the flexibility necessary to service the growth of new customers.

With HPE GreenLake, Mastertel can confidently continue to develop and grow its cloud services business, knowing that it has the ability to scale its IT infrastructure at any time as per its changing needs. HPE GreenLake also enables Mastertel to improve the performance and availability of its IT infrastructure to meet workload and customer needs, ensure flexibility and ability to quickly scale its IT infrastructure to face current business challenges, and minimize costs by eliminating large one-time financial investments.

HPE technology, including HPE ProLiant servers and HPE 3PAR 8200 data storage system, increased the performance and reliability of Mastertel’s IT infrastructure, while the support of HPE Datacenter Care from HPE Pointnext Technology Services has improved its performance and availability to meet customer needs.

HPE GreenLake is one of the fastest-growing businesses in HPE with over $4 billion in total contract value, more than 850 enterprise customers worldwide, and over 700 partners selling HPE GreenLake today.