iAreaNet Offers Protections in Emergencies

iAreaNet gets offices up and running in a matter of hours, full services, email faxing, phone calls file storage, MS office, point of sale and many other applications. Even in an emergency situation, such as flooding, iAreaNet can recover data to ensure businesses can continue doing business.

Ninety-three percent of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business within five years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. And 80 percent of all companies that experience a business interruption of greater than five days, without recovery plans, go out of business.

iAreaNet Disaster Prevention provides a live disaster prevention solution with no rebuild time. The iAreaNet setup can be in place in 24 to 48 hours.

The solution will provide immediate access to voice and data services from anywhere anytime anyplace. It uses soft switches to re-route company calls to the correct person or workgroup. Employees can work from any phone, anywhere, so your customers and your calls can get through.

Users can access, calendars, email, faxes, documents, intranet sites, databases, outlook, MS Office and any approved configured third-party applications the company uses, so workers can work from any Internet connection anywhere, anytime.

iAreaNet allows users to be back to work within minutes. Employees can work from any Internet connection using their iAreaNet client and any phone even a mobile phone. There is no software to load so users can login from any computer.

The iAreaNet Disaster prevention client has emergency communications in mind; each user can set up a conference bridge and has access to corporate contacts and emergency contact numbers for each employee. The main login page is designed to help you get the information out to your employees.

And the iAreaNet Disaster prevention plan is cost efficient, $99 per user per month. By eliminating the need for a second vacant office with phones and computers, costs are kept down.

In addition most disaster solutions require a disaster for the system to work, not with iAreaNet. The solution is designed for disaster recover but for mobile access to your information making you and your business mobile.

Each iAreaNet user is provided with:

– iAreaMessenger (voicemail, email and fax, access to all message types and calendar from any phone. and more)
– iAreaSettings (a local or toll free direct number for each user, that number can be set to ring any number or any phone and more)
– iAreaDesktop (MS Office 2003, Outlook 2003/exchange, Patent Pending ISN secure shared files 100M per user and much more)
– iAreaConferencing (Simply set up conference call between users)

Additional Options:
– iAreaDisasterKit $2,500 per user
-Pre-configured laptop loaded with Windows XP
-Video conferencing camera & software
-A cellular internet card for anywhere access
– iAreaPhone VoIP Polycom telephone
-Mobile Cell Phone

Call 212.981.1504 for information or visit http://www.iareaoffice.com.

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