Impartner Accelerates Digital Transformation for Mid-Size Companies

Impartner, a complete channel management platform and partner relationship management (PRM) provider, has launched expanded capabilities focused on automation and scalability for mid-market companies, allowing them and their partners to interact and transact with custom data without requiring coding to integrate it into their PRM.

It also has released an enhanced PRO solution with code-free customization is the its MDF Complete, a pure-play PRM end-to-end solution to manage marketing development funds (MDF) from fund allocation to processing of claim reimbursements.

“Without question, everyone wants a turn-key out-of-the-box SaaS solution that can meet the bulk of their needs,” said Impartner VP of Product Gary Sabin. “But the reality is, especially with established mid-sized companies, there is a set of data that is unique to how that company manages their channel, and until now, it can be expensive and slow to code systems to incorporate those custom needs. This regularly delays the digital transformation everyone needs to get through urgently to truly compete in today’s market.”

The MDF Complete solution is included in the Impartner PRO offering, with payments as an optional feature for customers without an existing payment solution.

“The ’70 percent of MDF is never used’ statistic has been in the market for ages, and it’s driven in part by the difficulty in managing current solutions, most of which require tapping into a yet another payment solution,” Sabin explained. “MDF Complete solves for that, allowing channel pros to budget by partner or geography and pay them within the same solution.”

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