Impartner Kicks Off Partner Portal Health Check

Impartner (formerly known as TreeHouse Interactive), which provides turnkey SaaS partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, has announced an 11-point Partner Portal Health Check to help companies that sell through indirect channels evaluate whether their portal is an asset or a liability.

“When you sell through indirect channels, more business goes through your partner portal than your dot-com Web site, yet many companies fail to realize that upgrading their partner portal is the single most important thing they can do to revolutionize their partner relationships,” said Dave Taylor, Impartner CMO. “In 2015, being easy to do business with and creating a great customer experience is a top priority for companies worldwide, yet many companies that sell through indirect channels have failed to upgrade the key front door in their partners’ journey.”

He added that many companies have continued to make incremental tweaks and edits to their existing partner portals in a misguided attempt to save time and money.

“The end result is a sub-optimized portal that’s not accelerating indirect sales and has become the proverbial example of ‘lipstick on a pig,'” continued Taylor.  “Customers who have implemented a new PRM have seen as much as a 91 percent increase in channel sales, because they are providing a frictionless customer experience.  This health check is designed to give companies a reality check on how far off their partner portal is from industry best practices, and learn how to move forward quickly and regain their competitive edge.”