Impartner MasterClass Offers Guidance on Your Channel

Impartner, a complete channel management platform and partner relationship management (PRM) provider has launched the Impartner MasterClass series. The platform-independent, innovative approach to channel management education focuses on LinkedIn Live sessions that provide strategic guidance on starting and scaling world-class channel programs and building out a partner ecosystem.

The company also debuts Impartner University, 1:1 in-depth, Impartner-specific, live training sessions with solution product specialists that can be booked by customers as needed.

During each MasterClass session, Impartner solution experts, industry partners and members of Impartner’s advisory board will jump on LinkedIn Live to discuss partner channel challenges and the best practice solutions companies can apply.

Anyone can join a MasterClass session on LinkedIn or by visiting here.

In 30 minutes or less, these experts will show attendees how to take theory into practice and master innovative strategies in real time, helping companies level up on partner best practices.

“The goal of MasterClass is to grow attendees into channel experts. Because 70 percent of global revenue comes through indirect channels, Impartner’s career-enhancing MasterClass series helps you focus on what will impact your revenue the most in 2023 and beyond,” said Trevor Burnett, senior director of Product Marketing. “Are you struggling with any aspects of your channel? We’ll talk about what you should be thinking about, or what you should be doing differently. And because the definition of partners is changing, we’ll cover how to get started on or extend your partner ecosystems. We’ll also cover pragmatic, ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ topics like how to manage MDF from a completely analytical ROI perspective. Prepare to have your eyes opened on how to maximize the indirect 70 percent.”

Along with MasterClass, Impartner also has launched, expanded and personalized customer training via Impartner University, an in-depth, live training session with a product specialist on how to maximize Impartner’s industry-leading platform.

Impartner University already has 16 courses available in subjects such as Workflows, Journey Builder, Program Compliance Manager, CRM Sync, MDF, News On Demand, Business Planning, and more. Since its launch, Impartner University has facilitated more than 100 customer training sessions in one month with anticipated ongoing growth.

“We are very customer-driven here at Impartner, and we wanted to bring that focus front and center to strengthen the expertise in our customer community and showcase our commitment to those outside of our base,” said Brad Pace, COO of Impartner. “Both Impartner University and MasterClass are powerful vehicles to empower those channel leaders that are utilizing our solution and those that are currently aiming to grow professionally in this partnership ecosystem space.”

To learn more about how Impartner helps corporations from the smallest to the largest enterprises like Honeywell, Qualtrics and Vertiv grow their channel revenue by an average of 32.3 percent in the first year of use alone, click here.