Rajant Wins Platinum Homeland Security Astors’ Awards

Rajant Corporation, a pioneer of Kinetic Mesh wireless networks, won three Platinum 2022 American Security Today ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards. The company was recognized for “Leadership & Innovation,” “Best Wireless Video Surveillance Network,” – for its Peregrine LTE BreadCrumb – and “Best New Intelligent Communication Product of the Year.”

These honors mark the third year in a row Rajant radio nodes have been distinguished for enabling highly mobile IoT applications for public safety and security. Rajant’s ES1 was honored as the “Best Wireless Network Security Solution,” and in 2021, its Hawk was named the “Best Wireless Video Surveillance Network.”

The Peregrine LTE is Rajant’s top-tier performance BreadCrumb equipped with LTE capabilities. It allows fully mobile machine-to-machine, peer-to-peer communications to experience low latency and high throughput by routing packets directly in the field and relaying them through the LTE core.

By combining the long range of LTE with the reliability and agility of Rajant’s patented InstaMesh protocol, the Peregrine LTE can integrate Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh wireless networks with carrier-based LTE and private LTE for high-capacity LTE links for video streaming and bandwidth-hungry applications.

It is ideal for real-time data transfer required for autonomous applications, robotics and live video streaming. With military-grade security features, the Peregrine LTE employs any-node-to-any-node communications to ensure no single point of failure and extreme reliability required for safety and security situations.

The American Security Today (AST) ASTORS’ Award, in its seventh year, is specifically designed to honor notable government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit, and intelligence to end-users in various government, homeland security, enterprise, and public safety vertical markets.

According to Tammy Waitt, AST’s Editorial Director, “ASTORS’ nominations are evaluated on their technical innovation, interoperability, specific impact within the category, the overall impact to the industry, relatability to other industry technologies, and application feasibility outside of the industry.”

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