Impartner Unveils Orchestration Studio to Unite Stack, Data Harmony

Impartner, a provider of reseller and partner-management technologies, released Orchestration Studio. This solution extends data synching by optimizing integration and automation, allowing users to build visual workflows that coordinate processes and data with external connectors.

Its development was driven by a proactive response to evolving business challenges and customer demands. Key issues, such as legacy single-tenant and hard-coded business logic, highly variable and customer-specific processes, copy-paste-modify integration approach and time-to-market pressure were addressed.

Orchestration Studio is touted as offering adaptability, efficiency and improved partner experiences for users aiming to drive business efficiency through automation and integration. Key features include:

  • No Code Automation – Visually automate internal business processes without writing code.
  • Efficient Task Automation – Automate routine taskssuch as record creation and trigger-based notifications.
  • Advanced Integration – Integrate with external applications the business relies on, simplifying data transformations through Impartner’s library of connectors.
  • Real-time Data Management – Synchronize and modify data in real-time, regardless of location, ultimately unifying the partner experience through PRM.

“Integration lies at the heart of modern business success,” said VP of Product, Gary Sabin. “Businesses are now ‘integration first’ entities, refusing to settle for isolated tech solutions. Just as 79 percent of U.S. car buyers insist on Apply CarPlay integration, the channel tech space demands seamless connectivity. Orchestration Studio is our strategic response to this imperative. Orchestration Studio addresses current challenges and propels businesses beyond expectations by automating routine processes, simplifying custom integration, and prioritizing partner experience.”