Intelisys Cloud Services University Launches Wireless/IoT Professional Certification

Intelisys has released a brand new certification track on Intelisys Cloud Services University (iCSU), available at

The self-paced, web-based wireless/IoT solutions professional certification track delivers in-depth education on how to effectively sell wireless and IoT, in particular how to understand customer business needs and goals, identify wireless and IoT opportunities and approach new opportunities in new verticals.

Participants will learn about wireless and IoT technology and the ways they fit into an overall business and network strategy; key features of wireless and IoT equipment that will help channel sales professionals identify client opportunities; how to understand client needs and requirements when recommending an IoT solution; how to recommend effective solutions with deliverable results; and much more.

Currently, more than 5,100 certifications have been achieved by iCSU attendees. Participants acquire core curriculum lessons developed and delivered by Intelisys Solutions Engineer Bob Faber, as well as lessons and targeted deep dives by iCSU’s world-leading wireless and IoT supplier sponsors, including Advantix Solutions Group, Broad Sky Networks, Globalgig, Matrix, and Viasat.

The self-paced wireless/IoT professional certification track is the ninth certification track offered through iCSU. The eight additional certification tracks include telecom solutions professional, UK telecom solutions professional, advanced data networking solutions professional, UCaaS solutions, network & data security, cloud computing solutions professional, advanced cloud methodology expert, and CCaaS solutions professional, which can be accessed on