Intruder Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Intruder, a vulnerability scanning and attack surface management platform has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a technology partner, giving organizations the ability to monitor their cloud systems easily for potential security breaches and vulnerabilities.

As part of the collaboration, customers can connect Intruder to Google Cloud to synchronize assets.

With the integration and as a Google Cloud partner, Intruder offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to customers that are deploying numerous assets rapidly in their cloud accounts. Intruder’s vulnerability management and attack surface monitoring tools enable businesses to keep track of their cloud systems easily and identify any changes or new assets that might pose a security risk.

Intruder’s innovative feature, CloudBot, discovers new cloud services as they are exposed to the internet and automatically kicks off a vulnerability scan without the delay of manual intervention. This ensures that all potential vulnerabilities are discovered and remediated quickly, preventing security breaches and data losses.

“We are proud to be a part of the Google Cloud ecosystem as well as a trusted partner,” said Chris Wallis, CEO and founder of Intruder. “Together we provide a simple way for companies to be agile and innovate while maintaining the highest level of security for their cloud systems. With this integration and partnership, our customers can rest assured that their cloud accounts are secure and protected at all times.”

Intruder’s mission is to help businesses get the basics right and focus on what matters in vulnerability management. For more information, please visit: