Latest Vectra Research Highlights Top 10 Threat Detections Across Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365

Vectra AI has released its 2021 Q2 Spotlight Report, Vision and Visibility: Top 10 Threat Detections for Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365. This new research details the top 10 threat detections that customers receive by relative frequency when Vectra detects abnormal behavior in a customer environment, which are then used by customers to help ratify attacks in cloud environments.

Highlights include:

  • The Top 10 Threat Detections seen across Microsoft Azure AD and Office 365 allow security teams to detect infrequent behavior that is abnormal or unsafe across their environments.
  • Regardless of company size, Office 365 Risky Exchange Operation detection was at or near the top of the list of detections seen by Vectra customers.
  • Common actions by actors in the Azure AD environment during a recent supply chain attack would map back to Vectra-defined detections and alert the security team about the threat.

As a leader in the productivity space with over 250 million active users, Microsoft Office 365 has also piqued the interest of looming cybercriminals due to the platform’s large audience. In fact, during a recent global survey of 1,112 security professionals, Vectra uncovered how criminals are regularly bypassing security controls including multi-factor authentication (MFA), proving that determined attackers are still able to gain access.

To learn more about the threats facing today’s organizations, download the Vectra 2021 Q2 Spotlight Report here.