Lumen Intercity Fiber Expansion Doubles the Company’s Fiber Miles

Lumen Technologies announced it is adding 6 million fiber miles to its business network, though 2026. When the upgrade is completed, the company will have nearly 12 million fiber miles throughout the United States.

Lumen is deploying Corning-made ultra-low-loss fiber for its multi-conduit infrastructure throughout its  intercity networks to enable diverse fiber types to be installed quickly and economically.

“We are creating a next-gen network, and fiber type matters,” Lumen CTO Andrew Dugan said in a press release. “We can extend signal reach to help reduce equipment costs and increase bandwidth capacity. Using ultra-low-loss fiber on the Lumen network is a major component of what differentiates us from other network providers.”

The releases states that Lumen has upgraded more than 24,000 route miles across its U.S. intercity network to support deployment of its next-generation optical platform. The fiber being used can support wavelength services up to 400G and allows increases beyond that in the future. The network is designed for fast connections to major cloud service providers and gives businesses the ability to build their own network services with the Topology Viewer app.