MindsDB Announces 70+ Data Integrations

MindsDB, an open-source machine learning (ML) startup bringing ML to the database, has become the fastest-growing applied machine learning platform in the world with more than 11,000 GitHub Stars.

Confirming the company’s growth trajectory, MindsDB also announced it now has more than 70 technology and data integrations with many of the world’s leading compute, storage and the most scalable, multi-cloud databases. These partnerships enable users to take advantage of MIndsDB’s advanced ML from within these platforms, turning their databases into powerful predictive engines.

The MindsDB platform gives users of standard SQL the ability to leverage sophisticated machine learning. This empowers enterprises to accelerate the development of machine learning capabilities within their businesses while lowering development costs through decreased complexity.

MindsDB has gained an enthusiastic user base of several thousands of developers using the platform for everything from predictions of heart disease risk to insurance premium forecasts.

To see how MindsDB can help you visit www.mindsdb.com