Mitel Announces Mobile Collaboration Tools

Mitel has annnounced a suite of products and services for the mobile enterprise, including voice, video, presence and chat.

Supporting any smartphone device including Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry, Mitel’s MiCollab unified communications software delivers an intuitive and consistent user interface for real-time voice, video and collaboration. This mobile-first version of MiCollab enables small, mid-size and large enterprises to deliver advanced presence, company directory, and tap-to-connect features, which enhance team and document sharing and collaboration and improve productivity.

“Users expect rich and contextual services across the devices of their choice so that business communications deliver a consumer-like experience and mobile communications move towards a business-like experience,” said Rich McBee, president and CEO, Mitel. “The intersection of mobile and cloud communications is breaking down technical barriers and bringing us to the point where truly seamless collaboration and communications is finally achievable. Delivering that seamless experience to customers is Mitel’s mission and mandate.”

The company also announced the MiContact Center, which makes customer service more intelligent and mobile savvy, enabling text, chat and speech applications. Enhanced analytics and integration capabilities deliver an immersive experience as customer data integrates with IoT and/or M2M triggers.

“We are long-time users of Mitel’s communications technologies and we applaud Mitel’s strategy for the cloud-powered mobile enterprise, as well as their continued efforts to reduce and eliminate complexity of communication across networks. We all want to think mobile-first and help our employees remain connected and productive,” said Jason Spainhour, president, Mitel User Group. “We know this team has the focus and the tools necessary to make cloud, mobile and real-time applications come together in a way that will enable new features and services that can fundamentally change the way people do business.”