Mosaicx Launches Agent Program for Conversational AI

Mosaicx, a cloud-based conversational AI solution, has launched a new Mosaicx Agent program to partner with agents who have identified companies struggling to understand their AI options and to present the best Mosaicx solution to fit their needs.

Businesses are embracing conversational AI to decrease operational expenses, foster brand loyalty and improve customer experiences. The Mosaicx Agent program helps these businesses navigate emerging technologies.

Agents partner with Mosaicx sales team members to educate and supply decision-makers with industry-specific AI solutions to manage high call volumes and staffing shortages and provide quality customer service.

With a team of AI experts, Mosaicx’ sales team empowers agents with the resources they need to convey the value of AI in enhancing customer experience and achieving long-term success.

After the sale, Mosaicx will continue to partner with agents and their prospects to adapt deployments to market changes and optimize return on their AI investments.

If you are interested in becoming a Mosaicx Agent, apply by visiting the Mosaicx website at You will be contacted for an interview once your submission is received.