MSPs Prefer Single View of Security Services

MSPs that manage customer security are faced with the choice of using a single interface or switching between different solutions, but an extensive survey conducted by social research technology platform Pulse revealed almost unanimous agreement among MSP managers and teams that a single cybersecurity interface is more efficient and productive.

In the survey, 95 percent of respondents said that maintaining multiple interfaces on the security platform decreases productivity and efficiency when managing their customers’ security. This is because the manager must adapt to a new interface each time different products are used for cybersecurity.

In fact, the study shows that respondents believe that the efficiency of teams managing their customers’ cybersecurity would increase by up to 10 percent when carried out through a single interface, removing the need to switch between different menus and screens.

In addition to reducing costs and organizational complexity, responding MSPs appreciate the simplification of training processes for their teams, who have to learn and become familiar with a single interface instead of several. In addition, the MSPs surveyed recognize the importance of having a single support line accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Despite the preference, however, only about a quarter MSPs are managing customer security through a unified interface, while nearly six in 10 are managing two to three security solutions in separate vendor programs or interfaces.