NetBeez Announces Channel Partner Program

NetBeez has announced a channel partner program to accelerate the adoption of high performance network monitoring.

Aimed at value-added resellers and distributors, the program was designed to help partners keep up with the needs of customers with complex networks, including remote offices and employees working from home.

NetBeez’ high performance network monitoring tools help distributed organizations minimize the disruption caused by network performance issues,  including the internet. According to the company, customers—ranging from distributed enterprises with multi-cloud networks to service providers—have successfully reduced root cause analysis by more than 75 percent.

In 2019, NetBeez completed an integration with the Cisco Catalyst 9000 series and is currently working with other network vendors to make installation even easier. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NetBeez recently developed a monitoring end-point for Windows operating systems that enables organizations to effectively support a remote workforce.

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The NetBeez channel partner program consists of specialized pricing and tiered support, joint marketing and MDFs, and specialized training and certification.

This program also allows NetBeez’ partners to address the increasing visibility demands of WAN/SD-WAN, multi-cloud and SDN infrastructure by keeping partners up to date on new capabilities, purpose-built for distributed organizations and remote teams.