Novi Security Launches Novi+ Premium

Novi Security has launched the Novi + Premium Service Platform.

Novi Security has successfully differentiated itself from the traditional security conglomerates with a no-contract, single product purchase, which includes the Novi four-in-one sensor, an app and all system features and functions needed for operation.  The addition of Novi + adds professional monitoring, a flexible cloud based platform, and additional enhancements to the Novi app.

Novi + options include:

  • Professional monitoring – A user can opt in for one day, one week, one month or one year at a time for 24X7 monitoring with no minimum or maximum requirements. This gives additional peace of mind for anyone who wants an added level of security. The call center will contact the user, verify an event, and dispatch police or the fire department as needed.
  • Unlimited cloud storage includes unlimited storage of all Novi images, alerts, notifications and events that a user can view in the Novi Web Portal any time. Events are time-stamped and searchable for easy navigation.
  • Cellular back up will provide continuous connectivity and security in areas without an internet connection or during a power outage where power to the home’s Internet router is interrupted. This feature will be available the later part of 2016.

“Novi has empowered our users with complete control of the system and the response to any critical event within their home or business, and we are excited to further enable our customers with Novi +,” said Tyler Crawford, CEO of Novi Security. “The Novi + enhancements give an added level of security to anyone who wants additional control or support for their Novi systems. Novi + enables the user with the ability to have added security in their home while gone for a short time, or to the customer that looks for the peace of mind of having past alerts being saved for future viewing. We have done an extensive amount of research, surveying thousands of consumers, and have created a security system that people actually want and can more easily afford.”

Novi + will be available for purchase on the Novi Store page, found through the “Shop Now” button.

Novi Security, the simplified security system behind Novi + continues to be a standout in the security industry with its battery powered capabilities, which include:

  • Sensor: The battery-powered eyes of the system is disguised as a smoke detector, its 170 degree HD camera captures photos every time motion or smoke is detected and can drive intruders off with a 90dB Siren.
  • Relay Station: The brain of the system plugs into the user’s home router and sends images from the sensor to their smart phone, and is saved in the cloud storage if the customer upgrades to Novi +.
  • Novi app: The command center where users receive photos and decide what action to take. They can call the authorities, sound the alarm manually or dismiss the alert if all is well. The customer can also opt into the Novi + professional monitoring service at any time. The Novi app is available for Android and iOS users.

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