NRS Debuts Ads for Point of Sale Terminals

National Retail Solutions (NRS) is  leveraging its point-of-sale (POS) terminal network to display consumer-facing advertising in bodegas and other independent retail stores nationwide.

NRS retail terminals feature dual facing high-definition monitors; the customer-facing display shows a split screen during transactions. One half displays the register tape, and the other various offers and promotions from advertisers (including consumer packaged good (CPG) providers) on the other. Before and after a transaction, the display rotates both static and video advertising at adjustable time increments.

“Retailers love the advertising potential of our POS network because it helps promote their products and increase their sale,” said Elie Katz, president of NRS.  “We help these bodegas and other small independent urban retailers compete more effectively with bigger box stores and retail chains.”

Eli Korn, VP of NRS, added, “Our high-definition, consumer-facing terminals offer CPG suppliers with a powerful new channel to reach urban consumers as they make in-store purchasing decisions.  Across our rapidly growing urban POS network, NRS already provides over two million impressions a day nationwide with an average transaction length of between 30 and 120 seconds.”

There are 2,500+ stores already participating in the NRS retail advertising network, offering consumer package goods providers and other advertisers reach into hundreds of thousands of customers a day, primarily in urban, Hispanic and other ethnically focused markets.

“The advantage of an ad at the point of purchase is clear,” said Hannah Kestenbaum, NRS media manager. “We are excited to show how effectively our network can extend marketing reach in the Hispanic market. This ad space reaches the targeted audience with proven impressions. Not many other companies can guarantee that consumers are seeing their ads.”