Observe AI Introduces New Partner Commission Program

Observe.AI has introduced a new commission program for its partners. Between now and January 31, eligible closed/won businesses will qualify for a 30 percent commission payout to the technology services distributors for the first 12 months. (Standard commission applies thereafter.)

Deals must be sourced by a partner with a 100-seat minimum, must be a new logo and must be closed by January 31. The 30 percent commission applies to the initial order only.

Observe AI partner program is growing, and partners are seeing successes through changes for contact centers that:

  • Transform contact centers by infusing AI into 100 percent of customer conversations
  • Adding the platform to any existing CCaaS platform, at any time
  • Empowering many different groups within organizations including IT, marketing, operations and sales

To learn more, reach out to your Observe AI channel manager or to Heather Rile at heather.riley@observe.ai.com for details.