Ooma Expands to Asia-Pacific Region to Support IWG

Ooma Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, is expanding into the Asia-Pacific region in support of its largest customer, IWG plc, and its brands including Regus and Spaces.

IWG, also known as International Workplace Group, is a leading provider of hybrid work solutions, with more than 8 million customers worldwide and 3,500 locations in more than 120 countries.

Ooma recently enabled phone and unified communications services for IWG customers in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, as part of Ooma’s and IWG’s long-term plan to establish cloud UCaaS services around the globe and expects to add more countries in the region later in 2023.

In total, Ooma now serves IWG customers in 25 countries across Asia, Europe and North America including HQ, No 18, Regus, Signature and Spaces.

IWG partners with Ooma to offer two custom-designed phone plans to IWG customers (https://www.ooma.com/iwg/): Business Phone, which has metered calling and no monthly fee, and Business Phone Pro, which offers a full suite of advanced features at an additional monthly charge.

Customers can access their phone lines through mobile and desktop apps, or by purchasing or renting desk phones.

IWG also powers its centralized call answering (CCA) solution using Ooma. CCA allows IWG customers to have their calls answered by remote agents and directed per the customer’s instructions, just as if the business had its own personal assistant answering calls directly.

Ooma enables IWG agents to know who is calling and how to direct the calls, along with advanced call queuing, distribution, management, a custom agent interface, and analytics to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Together, Ooma and IWG have developed tools and processes to onboard and manage a high volume of customers. Ooma APIs integrate with IWG systems for smooth and cost-effective customer enablement and support. The flexibility of Ooma’s platform has made it possible for IWG to satisfy differing needs around the world, manage its services more cost-effectively, and develop new revenue streams.

Learn more at www.ooma.com or www.ooma.ca in Canada.