Orca Wave Announces Authorized Distributor Partnership with Somos

Orca Wave, a provider of a complete voice and messaging management solution for carriers and enterprises, announced its partnership with Somos, a registry management and data solutions provider, as an authorized distribution partner.

As an authorized distribution partner, Orca Wave is adding to its product suite three additional Somos number management platforms including RouteLink, TFN Identity and RealNumber DNO. The partnership hopes to bring an enriched product suite targeted to carriers and large enterprise toll-free providers for a complete and comprehensive routing capability with supportive data unseen anywhere else in the industry.

Today, carriers and application services providers are able to see only a portion of their complex routing. Many times, carriers need higher outbound call answers as well as toll-free/DID call blocking but are left without full coverage on their toll-free voice numbers.

RouteLink, with its real-time carrier identification and direct-to-user toll-free ID for number/name identification, already brings enormous value to the telecommunications space. Now, with enhanced routing optimization by Orca Wave through its Intelligent Routing and On-Demand Smart Routing (ODSR), carrier and application service providers can see superior CLI identification with a higher percentage of completed calls and a reduction in fraud.

Orca Wave’s domestic and international customers with inbound North America traffic are developing and implementing toll-free and DID solutions. Services for the management identifying the carrier instantaneously are being sought after. With this partnership in place, carriers can route optimize to the carrier of record, via RouteLink from Somos and get the best cost/quality routing product in real-time via Orca Wave’s BlueWater product suite.

Founder of Orca Wave, Jeri Wait said, “Orca Wave has a history of collaboration, working with our customers and business partners on developing solutions to fit their current needs. When you find a like-minded organization such as Somos, that has set the standard for toll-free services and now launched technology solutions that enhance the delivery of toll-free we are highly motivated to work in tandem to deliver these services to our Orca Wave customers.”

Somos Director of Business Development Bill LaRuffa added, “We are thrilled to welcome Orca Wave as an Authorized Distributor of RouteLink , TFN Identity and RealNumber DNO. These solutions complement Orca Waves proven portfolio of robust voice and messaging management solutions and will allow their customers direct access to authoritative toll-free routing data.”

Carriers can expect a tighter and seamless integration across all of Orca Wave’s BlueWater platform solutions. No swivel chair is required to access the entire product family from Somos and Orca Wave.