HGC Supports Google Cloud Partner Interconnect

HGC Global Communications Ltd. (HGC), a fully-fledged ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global coverage, announced it supports Google Cloud Partner Interconnect.

By offering support for Partner Interconnect, Google Cloud customers can establish secure and high-performance direct connections to business-critical workloads quickly on Google Cloud Platform through HGC’s Tier 1 level diverse network.

Partner Interconnect is a product in the Google Cloud Interconnect family. Dedicated Interconnect provides higher-speed and lower cost connectivity than VPN and has become the “go-to” solution to connect on premise data centers to Google Cloud.

Google Cloud offers connections to Google Cloud services from 146 network edge locations in metropolitan areas across North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. Google Cloud Interconnect provides secure, private, and direct links, creating a unique opportunity for organizations to deliver vital cloud-based applications quickly.

HGC’s global connectivity has been built on high-redundancy and industrial standard SLAs that serve different regions worldwide. With HGC’s commitment to resilience improvement and latency reduction, Google Cloud customers engaging Interconnect can gain access to real-time data feeds with an enhanced networking experience.

Applications cover global big data streaming processing, machine learning and other interactive OTT applications over latency-sensitive and geo-distributed cloud-based microservice architecture such as 5G cloud gaming, telehealth, virtual commerce, and AI & IoT technology.

Ravindran Mahalingam, HGC’s Senior Vice President, International Business, said, “As HGC continues to embrace digital transformation riding on our full-fledged digital infrastructure, the company is bringing the agility and seamless integration to the business cloud and networking enhancement worldwide to meet the emerging and dynamic demand.”

HGC’s VP – Global Data Strategy, International Business Cliff Tam (pictured) added, “Google Cloud Interconnect is built to serve an increasingly verticalized economy to maximize the values for innovative cloud-based cloud capabilities across data blending, AI, IoT and Smart City development with our fully-meshed global network infrastructure.”

For more information, visit www.hgc-intl.com

Google Cloud Network Edge Locations: https://cloud.google.com/vpc/docs/edge-locations