PCCW Global Wins Four Industry Awards at Two London Events

PCCW Global has won four prestigious international telecommunications awards that were announced at two separate industry events, the Global Carrier Awards (GCA) and World Communication Awards (WCA), both held in London.

At the Global Carrier Awards, PCCW Global was announced as the winner of three awards, namely Best Asian Project, Best Network Technology Innovation and Best CSR Initiative.

At the 21st Annual World Communication Awards, PCCW Global was announced as the winner of Smart Cities Award.

For the GCA’s “Best Asian Project” award, PCCW Global’s winning nomination focused on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) CRV, a specialized aeronautical network that has been built on top of the company’s high-speed and robust international IP network, with mission-critical connections running on a diversified infrastructure supporting multiple aviation-specific applications. The closed network is logically distinct from other traffic running on the same network route in order to provide the highest levels of security, availability and resilience.

PCCW Global’s Software-Defined Interconnection platform, Console Connect, was nominated for the GCA’s “Best Network Technology Innovation” award. Console Connect was developed in response to the need on the part of enterprises operating internationally for agile and secure connectivity that can be provisioned on-demand by the user. The platform incorporates network automation software that manages the PCCW Global private MPLS network, allowing users with minimal technical ability to quickly spin up virtual private Layer 2 and Layer 3 connections, bypass the unpredictable public internet and directly connect to their cloud applications, partners and business locations. This new level of speed and agility can be achieved via a simple, easy-to-use web portal in a couple of clicks, or can be integrated directly into enterprise applications via an API.

PCCW Global’s winning nomination for the GCA’s “Best CSR Initiative” highlighted the role the company’s team in Mozambique played in providing emergency telecommunications services for local and international disaster teams after the southern African nation was hit by not just one, but two tropical cyclones in less than a month.

PCCW Global’s winning WCA “Smart Cities Award” nomination outlined how the company’s PCCW (Hengqin) Technology Co. Ltd subsidiary is developing Hengqin, one of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones, into a global business and communications hub, positioning the region as one of the world’s leading Internet business environments, attracting foreign investment and supporting enterprise customers, new start-ups and hi-tech R&D centers with the latest ICT technologies.