PCCW Global Releases IXaaS Offering for Provisioning, Paying for Internet Exchange Services

PCCW Global rolled out a new IXaaS (Internet Exchange-as-a-Service) offering for helping order, provision and finance IX services. The pay-per-use offering allows carriers and enterprises to place orders for internet exchange services and pay for those connections to “leading” IX platforms, both on demand and in real time.

The IXaaS product is part of the Console Connect MeetingPlace, through which users can meet, buy and sell within an ecosystem cloud, data center, colocation, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), UCaaS (Unified Communications-as-a-Service), IX and IoT (Internet of things) partners.

The service supports “high-performance” remote peering services with common exchanges such as DE-CIX, LINX, SGIX, KINX, JPNAP and BBIX, and also allows for virtual interconnections between apps and services, as well as self-provisioning elements.

Multiple virtual connections can be provisioned through a single Console Connect Access Port, and are delivered across PCCW Global’s network in order to support connectivity among IX peering partners from more than 450 Console Connect-enabled data centers in 50+ countries. Console Connect can also, via the Access Port, support order metro and international connectivity, either between data centers or directly interconnected with cloud, SaaS or NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) platforms “in each region around the world.”