ProfitBricks Implements High-Availability IaaS for Virtual Data Centers

ProfitBricks, which offers infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to support the delivery of cloud computing, has implemented High Availability (HA) virtual data centers for business-critical cloud deployments.

This new feature enables an easy-to-use implementation and offers dynamic routing of IPv4 addresses to virtual machines (VMs) through support of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

ProfitBricks’ own network stack can dynamically assign the address to any VM in the network and provides the industry’s first implementation of high availability functionality – the same as can be configured in on-premise data centers. ProfitBricks’ dynamic routing provides reliability for the virtual infrastructure, which is different from standard networks where the IPv4 address is assigned to a specific virtual machine.

Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian can be implemented with Linux-HA and deployed on the ProfitBricks cloud without any special configuration in a Linux high availability environment. ProfitBricks’ network support of gratuitous ARP enables an out-of-the-box high availability VM environment, the company said.

“Simple implementation of high availability virtual data centers illustrates how ProfitBricks is leading the cloud computing 2.0 charge,” said Bob Rizika, CEO at ProfitBricks USA. “Business-critical cloud deployments should be simple to setup and maintain while offering the same reliability configurations as traditional on-premise data centers. ProfitBricks’ support of ARP speaks to the cloud’s swift evolution.”

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