Protegrity Data Protection Platform Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Protegrity, a leader in data-centric security, announced its proprietary data protection platform is available now in the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows Google Cloud Platform customers to leverage advanced data security and privacy functionality as they move, store and use critical data in the cloud.

“The rapidly evolving threat landscape coupled with a complex and disparate regulatory environment has enterprise cloud security teams on edge,” said Brad Rouse, chief revenue officer at Protegrity. “This is an important step towards providing customers easy access to advanced data-protection capabilities that ensure compliance and security for sensitive data.”

Protegrity’s Data Protection Platform secures data and protects its privacy in motion, at rest and in use across hybrid and multicloud environments. The platform’s capabilities allow customers to choose the form and type of fine-grained data protection they need, including format preserving encryption, data masking, anonymization and vault less tokenization.

Google Cloud customers can transact with any part of the Protegrity platform using a Google Cloud Marketplace private offer. They can choose any Protegrity product that runs on the Google Cloud Platform towards fulfilling their committed spend with Google Cloud. This means customers can choose to run ESA, DSG, and Cloud Protect for Snowflake on Google Cloud, among others. Google Cloud customers have access to private offers, allowing them to customize their Protegrity solution on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Protegrity Data Protection Platform’s single pane of glass view allows businesses in the banking, financial services, insurance, travel and retail industries to streamline their security operations and close any gaps across disparate platforms. The platform plays a critical role in enabling secure cloud migration, multi-cloud deployments, data sharing and collaboration across all major cloud providers including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

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