Retelit Partners with Connectbase to Boost Coverage

Connectbase welcomes Retelit, an Italy-based global fiber provider and data center network. Retelit leverages Connectbase’s connectivity buying and selling platform, The Connected World, to promote its global network to audiences worldwide.

Retelit chose Connectbase because of the platform and buying ecosystem. The partnership allows Retelit to streamline the way customers procure network assets from the provider, as well as opens international selling opportunities.

Retelit is the largest Italian player in the telco industry focused on the B2B market: the Group owns more than 30 data centers in the country and boasts an interconnected and green telco hub at Avalon Campus. Moreover, with 43,000 km of terrestrial fiber optic cable routes, the participation in the AAE-1 and capabilities in landing infrastructure projects, Retelit’s coverage reaches 16,000 sites in Italy.

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