The Quilt Increases Cyber Protection, Connectivity with GTT

GTT Communications Inc., a provider of managed network and security services to multinational organizations, has been selected as a preferred provider to The Quilt and Authorized Quilt Providers. GTT provides 450Gbps of bandwidth and the availability of heightened network security with distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection to The Quilt’s 40 member organizations and its Authorized Quilt Buyers throughout the United States.

The Quilt is a national consortium of non-profit regional research and education networks. These networks procure, deploy and operate robust, secure and resilient network infrastructure that serves more than 80,000 community anchor institutions, including public and private universities, K-12 schools, public libraries, public safety agencies, local and state governments and research facilities.

“GTT is one of our preferred providers for network and DDoS protection because it is able to deliver solutions that work for the unique circumstances of each of our authorized buyers,” said Jen Leasure, president and CEO of The Quilt. “Working with expert partners such as GTT, The Quilt collaboration helps thousands of smaller community anchor institutions that deliver so many of America’s most fundamental and vital services with access to internet connectivity at a level of quality and pricing that they could not achieve on their own. Limited cybersecurity resources is also a growing concern for these institutions, and being able to procure security services from GTT is an additional benefit of our partnership.”

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