Sage Launches Program to Empower Partner Growth, Deliver Value, Mitigate Costs

Sage, a market leader in cloud business management solutions, announced the launch of Sage 20 for 20, an accountant accelerator program designed to provide partners with solutions and resources essential to grow and scale their business.

The program offers participating partners technology, business development services and educational services to empower business success.

In exchange for 20 customer referrals a quarter, participating partners unlock a comprehensive cloud tech stack for firm growth and scalability technology, such as robotic process automation, digital marketing and SEO.

In addition, partners receive access to on-demand Sage University training courses, such as Sage Consulting Academy and Innovation and Business Process Improvements Consulting. Sage 20 for 20 also offers a live Diversity/Inclusion Consulting Principles session facilitated by Nayo Carter-Gray, CEO of 1st Step Accounting.

The program was created based on direct accounting partner insights on what they are looking for most from a partner program. Sage recognizes that partners understand their business goals and objectives but are eager to take their business to the next level. As a result, Sage 20 for 20 meets partners where they are and supports their growth.

Partners that participated in the pre-launch already are reaping the program benefits. Leveraging the SEO services, accountant partners are improving their SEO status. One partner went from page six to page one of a Google Search in 30 days.

More information on Sage 20 for 20 is available here.