Salestream Launches MasterStream-LITE for Smaller Agents

Salestream Software has released a lower cost version of its popular MasterStream-UNITY automation software for telecom agents. Appropriately dubbed MasterStream-LITE, it’s specifically designed for smaller telecom agents and VARs with limited users and tight budgets.

MasterStream-LITE allows companies to automate many of their most vital processes, including the management of agent and provider relationships, opportunities, quotes, orders and other back-office operations.

“There are many agents out there that are one- or two-person operations that haven’t had an affordable automation solution,” said Jeff Fraser, president of Salestream Software. “We are very excited to offer MasterStream-LITE to such an important segment of this market.”

Starting at $99 per month, MasterStream-LITE also includes previously chargeable features such as File Manager, Document Library, and Opportunity Manager, in addition to unlimited instant quotes from more than 20 leading telecom providers.

“This low price point will also allow many smaller agents to begin participating in MasterStream Cloud, a powerful feature of the platform that allows them to get quotes from providers and master agents without ever leaving their MasterStream-LITE portal,” Fraser said. “That level of efficiency simply isn’t available anywhere else, and now it is not only the most robust solution for agents but the most affordable one as well.”

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