Salt Security API Protection Platform Debuts on Google Cloud Marketplace

Salt Security, an API security company, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Build Partner. With the partnership, users can access the Salt Security API Protection Platform directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace. This gives Google Cloud customers the ability to leverage the Salt Security API Protection Platform, gaining deep context quickly and easily for API discovery, attack detection and prevention, and shift-left capabilities.

As a Google Cloud Build Partner, Salt Security provides Google Cloud customers with visibility into and control over API traffic. The Salt platform uses cloud-scale big data combined with AI and ML to baseline millions of users and APIs, providing continuous and automatic discovery of all APIs and exposed sensitive data.

Salt also uses its architecture to detect and block the most subtle and sophisticated API attacks, including those outlined in the OWASP API Security Top 10 list. To improve API security over time, the Salt platform supports shift-left practices, including OAS analysis, pre-prod testing to identify security gaps, and detailed remediation insights learned in runtime to help developers harden APIs.

Salt Security offers a full set of capabilities available on Google Cloud environments, including:

  • Identification of all running APIs and the sensitive data they expose
  • Runtime protection to pinpoint and stop exploits against production APIs
  • Visualization of all API call sequences, giving organizations user behavior analysis to identify operational or security challenges
  • Threat hunting capabilities within detailed attacker timelines
  • Attack simulation capabilities for APIs in development to identify security gaps before APIs are released into production
  • The ability to provide remediation insights learned during runtime that developers can use to improve the security posture of APIs

To learn more about the Salt API security capabilities or to request a demo, visit