SimpliVity Announces Partner Advantage Programs

SimpliVity has announced the PartnerAdvantage programs and initiatives.

The Cloud Service Provider Program, Technology Alliance Program and new advanced training for solution providers will provide partners with the tools, structure and support necessary to succeed in capturing the growing demand for hyper-converged infrastructure.

“Since inception, SimpliVity has focused 100 percent on the channel, allowing us to rapidly build a vibrant and prosperous partner community focused on one thing – simplifying IT for customers,” said George Hope, vice president of global channel sales, SimpliVity. “Today, we’re expanding the scope of our partner program by adding new revenue and engagement opportunities, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to our partner ecosystem and their customers.”

The Cloud Service Provider Program allows partners across the globe to deliver on-demand cloud services based on the company’s hyperconverged infrastructure, providing end customers with exceptional ROI and TCO savings. Available in the first quarter, the new program will enable cloud service providers to offer on-demand services, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), virtual desktops as a service (DaaS), and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

An essential component of SimpliVity’s program is its consumption-based pricing model, allowing service providers to pay based on the resources they consume using SimpliVity on a per-VM basis. Service providers purchasing infrastructure using traditional pricing models often have to incur high upfront costs and wait longer to achieve profitability. They are also left with all the financial risk of unused capacity or unpredictable demand.

SimpliVity’s consumption-based pricing covers all hardware, software and support.

“SimpliVity’s aggressive pricing is strategic in the industry and will be a substantial benefit to customers,” Walter Cook, CEO, Core BTS. “As a hybrid cloud service provider, we understand how unanticipated usage peaks or valleys can significantly impact the bottom line. However, SimpliVity’s program will provide Core BTS with the peace of mind that our, and our customers’ investments, are stable and we will only be paying for the services that are consumed.”

The Technology Alliance Program gives technology providers and system integrators the ability to integrate their offerings with SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. Partners can also leverage the Customer Technology Showcase, SimpliVity’s global hyperconvergence demo cloud, which allows alliance partners to deploy, test and demonstrate their technology with SimpliVity. The program also provides partners with joint go-to-market planning, alignment to SimpliVity sales, marketing, and distribution channels, access to APIs and SDKs, as well as early access to new SimpliVity solutions and product enhancements.

And, SimpliVity has enhanced its existing Solution Provider Program by expanding revenue opportunities, investing in new partner tools for deal registration and demand generation, and building hyperconvergence training.

“SimpliVity has always been ahead of the curve for hyperconverged infrastructure, and now we’re excited to see that they’re advancing their partners’ skill sets as well,” said Stephen Oles, managing partner and sales director, Cordicate IT. “SimpliVity’s training program will not only expand our expertise and ability to deliver the most technologically advanced hyperconverged infrastructure, but it will also make Cordicate IT a true innovator in our field.”