Spectrum Empowers Employees to Redefine Brand Promise

Spectrum Enterprise is empowering its employees and clients to be bold to the point of being “unreasonable” – all fueled by the company’s new brand identity and redefined brand promise.

When an enterprise asks a technology provider to deliver what they need to succeed, there’s a good chance the provider will call the enterprise “unreasonable,” especially if the enterprise’s needs are complex or unique.

However, as a challenger brand that competes for share against other technology providers, Spectrum Enterprise is inviting clients to expect great technology and a great partner; ask for solutions that fit their business; and achieve results on their terms.

Driven by its commitment to client success, Spectrum Enterprise treats clients’ goals as its own and provides solutions built around clients’ needs. Through partnership and a consultative approach, Spectrum Enterprise delivers tangible results.

One client is Premier America Credit Union (PACU), which had asked for a remote call center in two weeks – a request other providers would call “unreasonable.” Spectrum Enterprise delivered.

Another client is Hotel Hendricks, which needed to reinvent the guest experience during construction. Again, Spectrum Enterprise delivered.

“Spectrum Enterprise has a deep commitment to our clients’ goals, no matter how ‘unreasonable’ they might seem,” said Bill Archer, EVP & President, Spectrum Enterprise. “Our employees are motivated to deliver a differentiated client experience, and innovative solutions and services that enable our clients to succeed in the market.”

Look for the Spectrum Enterprise “Be Unreasonable” campaign with a presence in digital banners, video, paid social and search, cross-channel TV as well as high-impact media across publisher partner websites.

While its brand promise has been redefined, the Spectrum Enterprise creative design system of logo, color palette and typography is not changing.

Learn more about the Spectrum Enterprise new brand identity and campaign here.