SRP Planning Solar Power Plant Near Flagstaff, Arizona

SRP announced its largest standalone solar power plant outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. This location, which is “soon to be under development,” is dubbed “CO Bar Solar” and is scheduled to be commercially operational in 2024. CO Bar Solar is expected to deliver 400 megawatts of renewable energy.

The location – which will be constructed and operated by Clenera – is expected to support SRP’s long-term decarbonization goals, helping it add 2,024 megawatts of “utility-scale” solar resources by 2025.

“SRP is pleased to partner with Clenera to add this substantial solar resource as part of our diversified energy mix and power generation strategy to meet the Valley’s growing electricity needs,” said Mike Hummel, SRP GM and CEO. “The CO Bar power plant is an incredible clean energy resource that will support SRP customers and help us take a significant step toward our decarbonization goals.”

The plant will occupy up to 2,400 acres of private land in Coconino County, with construction set to begin in 2023. CO Bar Solar is also expected to support the creation of 550 construction jobs, generate enough power to meet the needs of 80,000 homes and offset one billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. SRP also expects nearly 50 percent of the retail energy it delivers to customers to come from carbon-free resources by 2025.