StarLeaf Launches Messaging App

StarLeaf, a cloud video conferencing and calling provider, is launching an app that allows users to message, call and meet from anywhere and on any device.

The app, available via channel partners, allows users and teams to go from a conversation straight into a video call, provides a persistent message history across all devices, and allows users to view and manage all upcoming meetings, as well as join scheduled meetings in one touch.

“This is StarLeaf, so you can expect our new app to challenge the status quo and offer unrivaled ease of use and a level of interoperability that no other provider can match,” said Mark Loney, CEO at StarLeaf. “Naturally we’ve made it possible for people to jump from a private or group chat straight into a video meeting without worrying about the system they want to use.”

The need for teams to chat, call and meet easily is not new to the enterprise. However, the available business tools can be clumsy and difficult to use, in some cases requiring a change in user behavior, and often demanding user training. Neglecting the need for easy to use tools has given rise to a proliferation of free consumer-grade products in the workplace, such as WhatsApp. However, the downside of these consumer services is that they are insecure, cannot be centrally managed by IT, and represent a risk to the organization. StarLeaf said this reality guided the app’s development.

“The StarLeaf app ticks all the boxes and advances the user experience, away from clunky and cumbersome to slick and intuitive,” said Roopam Jain, director of the Conferencing and Collaboration practice at Frost & Sullivan. “The app has the right ingredients to become the communications cornerstone of the enterprise digital workplace.”