StructuredWeb Launches Personalized Video Feature

StructuredWeb an enterprise through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platform, announces today the general availability of its Personalized Video feature that allows customers to extend and enable video marketing capabilities to channel partners.

The combination of video and personalization allows for channel partners to send targeted communications that drive higher responses and results. This development comes at an ideal time, as 54 percent of consumers say they want to see more video content from the brands they support. In addition, 92 percent of marketers say customers and prospects expect a personalized experience.

StructuredWeb’s Personalized Video capabilities are extensive and blend predefined templates with data and logic to generate customized videos for sharing and syndication by the customers’ partners. Partners can interchange visual and audio elements such as scenes, images, text, names, numbers and dates to make the videos more relevant and engaging.

Feedback from early adopters of the new functionality, including customers and their channel partners, is positive. Customers praise the simplicity with which they can upload marketing videos to the platform and designate the parameters for personalization while retaining overall brand control. Partners say they appreciate how easily they can personalize and co-brand the video, tailoring the messaging to each segment of their audience.

“A full 87 percent of businesses are using video marketing in some capacity,” said StructuredWeb Founder and CEO Daniel Nissan. “With our new video feature, channel partners can create unique, personalized experiences that increase engagement — while customers retain overall brand control. Partner experience is vitally important to every successful brand, and this self-service feature makes it enjoyable for a partner to log in and easily create videos that appeal to their audiences. It’s one more step in our commitment to elevating PX.”

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