TBI Adds Stracos to Provider Portfolio

TBI, a national technology brokerage firm, announced the addition of Stracos Inc. to its provider portfolio.

Stracos is a fast-paced and highly collaborative technology company dedicated to helping customers discover solutions to technology challenges and accelerating new concepts to market. Stracos’ flagship offering, the WI.HN platform, provides an immersive experience that allows subscribers and expert contributors to collaborate in real-time in the creation of new products and digital solutions.

The company specializes in fully integrated product development and digitization, software development and application modernization, and digital business transformation. Stracos’ core competencies include in cloud/IoT solutions, AI and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and digital supply chain management.

Headquartered in New York, Stracos operates globally and has delivered solutions for customers in industries ranging from health care and advanced data science to consumer goods and manufacturing.

Even for companies that specialize in bringing new concepts to life, delivering new ideas to market at speed can present unique challenges. In-house innovation shops are often expensive and difficult to staff, and many companies must manage a complex network of partners and contractors to execute on their vision.

Stracos has transformed this narrative, providing a seamless and dramatically simplified product development experience that delivers results up to 4 times faster than traditional approaches. The company serves customers across a range of industries, with particular focus on organizations seeking to accelerate and strengthen product development and digital innovation capabilities, as well as deliver new solutions to market.

“Stracos’ unique set of offerings will serve as a great asset to TBI’s current and potential partner community. With access to their unique product development platform, partners will be able to provide their customers with the means to collaboratively accelerate new physical and digital (cloud and IoT) concepts to market, while also building the foundation to sustain these changes over time. I look forward to seeing the positive impact that this partnership brings to TBI,” said TBI’s SVP of Operations, Mike Onystok.

For more information, visit www.tbicom.com