TelAlaska Deploys MetaSwitch’s Perimeta vSBC

TelAlaska is the most recent network operator to deploy MetaSwitch’s Perimeta virtualized session border controller (vSBC). TelAlaska’s deployment is helping the company deliver secure, rich communications services from the cloud, say the companies.

Metaswitch’s Perimeta vSBC is a proven virtualized network function (VNF), providing the security, network diagnostics and analytic tools demanded of today’s Web-scale, cloud-based communications services. “Not only is Perimeta easy to configure and quick to deploy, it was the only virtualized SBC we found powerful and sophisticated enough to handle the most aggressive DDoS and brute-force attacks,” says Jeff Parrott, senior networking engineer at TelAlaska. “Perimeta delivers high-availability security for our critical communications infrastructure while providing the quality of service our enterprise and residential customers demand.

“As a VNF, Perimeta allows us to remotely deploy session border control in isolated locations without requiring additional travel or on-site manpower. Virtualization also allows us to aggregate the function of the SBC with other core services in our facilities, utilizing the infrastructure we already have in place and lowering the cost of additional space and power.”

“For network operators like TelAlaska, the Perimeta vSBC is ideal for providing cost-efficient, powerful and flexible security,” says Dave Reekie, general manager of Metaswitch’s security and interconnect business unit. “Perimeta, along with Metaswitch’s superior support organization, provides a path to network functions virtualization (NFV), allowing TelAlaska to provide its communities with a superior service offering, while keeping its capital spending and operations costs in check.”


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