Telarix Launches Fraud Management Solution

Telarix has announced the launch of a comprehensive fraud management solution, aimed at conquering the challenges facing both domestic and international wireless, network carriers and over-the-top (OTT) providers.

Leveraging a best-of-breed approach, the Telarix fraud defense suite delivers enhanced protection solutions that focus on early detection, fast-blocking action and ongoing vigilance through testing and real-time business intelligence gathering.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to grow, telecom fraud prevention can no longer be seen as a single to-do list item that can be checked off once and forgotten. Though monetary losses and other fraud risks are traditionally the main concern, proportionally new fraudulent threats emerge with new technologies.

Mobile payment apps, OTT partners and issues like public safety and national security are all factors that have the potential to incur larger losses and greater instances of fraud. The ubiquity of today and tomorrow’s technology pushes the stakes much higher.

Telarix’s fraud management solution builds upon Telarix Unified Platform to tightly control a communications service provider’s (CSP) numbering plan strategy, provide origin and destination-based number management from rating to routing, and seamless integration with the CSP’s mediation systems and network. The solution features targeted FAS testing and detection, CDR, SIMBox, and IMSI/IMEI location fraud detection, international revenue share and abuse call termination protection.

“We recognize the nature of fraud is as dynamic as the industry in which we do business,” said Vic Bozzo, Telarix SVP of worldwide sales and marketing. “Voice minutes and SMS have given way to mobile data, OTT content, and IoT and M2M, which are the areas where tomorrow’s new fraud risks reside. We are pleased to deliver a fraud management solution that keeps our clients one-step ahead and out of the reach of risk.”

Rounding out the fraud management solution is a business intelligence module which provides real-time insight with alerts, user-defined thresholds, geo-maps, margin, cost and customer impact analytics, as well as tracking of the effectiveness of the FMS action.