Telesystem Partners with Versa Networks to Bring Secure SD-WAN to Telarus Agents

Telesystem has entered into a partnership with Versa Networks and national master agent Telarus.

The partnership will add the Versa Titan service into the telecommunications agent channel with Telesystem providing operational support, and Telarus agents gaining early access to sell SD-WAN and managed security functionality within a single, high-powered device.

This new program will allow the Telarus agent community to offer multiple Versa consumption options to their customers, including those customers which want to own and manage their Versa deployment. Additionally, Telesystem will act as a central point of contact for all Versa-related projects, simplifying the engagement process and enabling a multi-faceted product portfolio for all Telarus partners.

Since 2017, Telesystem has deployed best-in-class Versa Secure SD-WAN to businesses across the country. This partnership allows Telarus agents to rely on Telesystem to install, support and manage Versa engagements in three different consumption models:

  • Versa Secure SD-WAN as a service – A best-in-class offering for large enterprises with complex network requirements that want to leverage Telesystem’s expertise for support and deployment.
  • Versa Titan as a service – A feature-rich yet easy-to-deploy solution for Llean IT use cases seeking a slimmed-down, lower-cost version of Secure SD-WAN.
  • Versa Secure SD-WAN and Versa Titan direct – Agents and end-users can simply purchase Versa’s products in a “do it yourself” manner. Telesystem will broker the transaction and facilitate agent commissions and incentives, but support will be left in the hands of the agent or end-user.