ThreatModeler Launches Threat Model Marketplace

ThreatModeler, a leader in threat modeling and securing cloud infrastructure from design to deployment, today launches its trademarked Threat Model Marketplace, a cybersecurity asset marketplace offering pre-built, field-tested threat models to be downloaded — free for a limited time — and incorporated into threat modeling initiatives.

With Threat Model Marketplace, enterprises can accelerate efforts to visualize attack surfaces, understand security requirements and prioritize steps to mitigate threats across environments, including AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

As the skilled worker shortage continues, organizations are being inundated with threats and complex cybersecurity mandates that compound the challenge of maintaining secure architectures. Compliance presents perhaps the largest hurdle for companies to address as new executive orders and legislation, such as the Quantum Security Preparedness Act, are introduced to combat the evolving threat landscape. While important to ensure national and business cybersecurity, these mandates raise the barrier to entry for companies looking to build new tools from or migrate existing tools to the cloud, as their time-to-compliance is extended. Threat Model Marketplace enables enterprises to come into compliance with a single click.

Threat Model Marketplace launches with 50 pre-built threat modeling templates that are field-tested, industry compliant and aligned with best practices. Going forward, ThreatModeler will introduce up to 50 new threat models per month to address a range of use cases, regulatory requirements and industry needs. Using these designs, companies can become secure in a fraction of the time and cost that designing, building, and validating secure designs from scratch would entail.

Future updates to Threat Model Marketplace will enable third parties to upload self-designed threat models to be downloaded for free or for a nominal cost. Much like other application and software marketplaces, the platform is designed to democratize the access and development of pre-built and vetted cybersecurity assets.

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