Titaniam Welcomes VP of Sales

Titaniam Inc., an advanced data protection and ransomware immunity platform, announces today the appointment of Howard Doherty as Vice President of Sales. Doherty is a reputable sales professional with an extensive background in sales, management, software as a service (SaaS), business development, and sales management. He has a history of working in the cybersecurity, networking, data center, storage, and IoT industries.

“From a people perspective, Titaniam is one of the highest performing teams I’ve seen in my career. For a startup to achieve this level of product, coverage, certification, and traction is rare,” said Arti Raman, CEO & Founder of Titaniam. “What makes me so excited about Howard is that he brings the same level of skill and energy from a sales leadership angle. With his innovative mindset and rich sales experience, we will be able to accelerate the adoption of our advanced data protection and ransomware immunity platform.”

Prior to joining Titaniam, Doherty served as VP of Sales at Cassia Networks, where he helped transform the way businesses and customers experience loT environments through Bluetooth solutions. Prior to Cassia Networks, Doherty served as VP of Sales at DriveScale, Western Digital, and Akeia Software.

Titaniam ensures valuable data will not get compromised, even if attackers break in successfully and exfiltrate it. Titaniam also sets itself apart by having its encryption-in-use solution, NIST, certified for all underlying algorithms.

In addition to encryption-in-use, Titaniam differentiates itself by providing functional capabilities equivalent to three other categories of data protection solutions. This means that if an enterprise uses Titaniam for encrypted processing and ransomware protection, it also receives tokenization, data masking or general-purpose encryption within the same package and at no additional cost.

To learn more, visit https://titaniam.io/.