TNCI Launches Cloud Certifications, Portal Enhancements

TNCI has launched its cloud services partner certification program and expanded partner portal functionality, to boost partner product knowledge and visibility into their accounts on TNCI’s cloud services platform.

“Our partners have asked for the ability to have administrative control over accounts they are servicing and we’re responding to this need by creating the program,” said Michael Masini, vice president of channel at TNCI. “The program enables partners to proactively facilitate moves, adds and changes as well as provide greater levels of insight to customers about the status of their accounts.”

The first product to be included in the program will be TNCI’s Telastic hosted PBX. Partners will be able to log in to customer accounts, review status and change configurations. If customers need to change a disaster recovery setting or a hunt group configuration, TNCI or their TNCI channel partner can do that on their behalf.

Partners will also have access to a mix of attainment tiers and certifications each aligning their demonstrated knowledge of the system with the amount of time and resources the partner has committed to the program.

“We want this to be about the recognizing time invested in our partnership, as well as helping our partners create key differentiators for themselves based on their on-going commitment to supporting our products,” said Masini. “We also want to design this program so that it creates meaningful impact for our partners. With this announcement today, we are openly inviting the agent community to play a vital role in shaping the program in collaboration with TNCI.”