Toward Zero, 42Q Ink Reseller Deal

42Q has announced a reseller and integration partnership with Toward Zero.

Toward Zero helps companies deploy cloud and IT solutions for manufacturing and business transformation. Together, 42Q and Toward Zero will enable discrete manufacturers to implement 42Q’s solution for smart factory and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments.

“We are excited about our partnership with 42Q, and how this enables discrete manufacturers to quickly deploy state of the art manufacturing systems,” said Aaron Muhl, co-founder, Toward Zero. “With 42Q’s comprehensive and proven cloud solution, customers have a low, up-front investment in technology that helps them cross the boundaries of automation, engineering, operations and IT. Toward Zero was founded on the belief that by streamlining our customers’ manufacturing systems, and by simplifying access to data coming from the plant floor, we can change the way employees work, so they can focus on the quality of the work itself.”

Toward Zero’s enterprise manufacturing assessment process helps manufacturing operations identify where technology investments will yield the greatest results, while aligning with existing processes and culture. The company’s expertise with manufacturing equipment and systems is aimed at reducing the cost and accelerating the time-to-value that the 42Q solution provides.

“Our partnership with Toward Zero provides customers with the domain expertise in manufacturing operations necessary to rapidly deliver improvements in compliance, automation and efficiency,” said Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q. “Our customers realize value much more quickly because 42Q is a cloud solution. This partnership helps customers deploy 42Q more rapidly, and with the benefit of Toward Zero’s manufacturing systems expertise.”

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