Valtix Delivers Multi-cloud Security Across All Major Cloud Platforms

Valtix, a multi-cloud network security platform delivered as a service, announced the release of its Valtix 2.9 platform, which addresses speed and simplicity by enabling identification of security gaps and deployment of network-based cloud security controls across all major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud.

According to Gartner, 40 percent of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services by 2023, up from 20 percent in 2020. However, cloud security is dependent on technologies that were meant for on-premises, taking significant resources and weeks if not months to operationalize.

Multi-cloud makes this more challenging, requiring different approaches and security stacks in each cloud. As enterprises move more workloads to the public cloud, cloud environments have grown in complexity and often suffer from security incidents.

Valtix aims to make the complex world of multi-cloud environments digestible for its customers. For the first time, customers can deploy and secure workloads across their public cloud infrastructure in 5 minutes and enable new apps to be secured in seconds.

“Valtix has taken a significant leadership position when it comes to multi-cloud network security. Alternatives in the market are either cloud provider-specific or rely on legacy box-based technology that has been forklifted to the cloud – and therefore doesn’t fit well with the dynamic cloud operational model,” said Vishal Jain, co-founder and CTO at Valtix. “All organizations with cloud security requirements, especially those with multi-cloud needs, will need a Cloud Network Security Platform like Valtix or risk building a fragmented security model that ends up wasting resources, time, and ultimately risking the business.”

Highlights of the Valtix 2.9 includes:

Increased Simplicity: Onboard cloud accounts and enable discovery in 5 minutes.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Security: Gain visibility & control of the 10s & 100s of Cloud Services from AWS, Azure & GCP.

Dynamic, Multi-Cloud Security Policies: Build true multi-cloud and multi-account security that adapts to your application infrastructure.

Simplified Deployment in AWS: Streamlined setup to secure 10s or 100s of hub-n-spoke VPCs in AWS with the Valtix portal or via Terraform.

“I am proud of what the team has accomplished thus far in 2021 as we remain focused on being the leader in multi-cloud network security,” said Douglas Murray, CEO at Valtix. “Our growth and industry recognition is a direct reflection of the hard work our team puts towards preventing cybersecurity attacks and data leakage in public clouds.”

To learn more about Valtix 2.9, join Valtix on September 14 at noon (ET) for the launch webinar. Guests will be given a tour of the new and improved Valtix 2.9 release and learn about the company’s strategy to transform cloud security. Registration is free and available here.